Putting the Learning Back Into PLCs with Lois Easton

Putting the Learning Back Into PLCs with Lois Easton.

I have expressed my concern around this as I see that time in our schedule being filled with many other things. There is little to no time for us to work together on required things that are coming our way much less any “learning” that we should be working on during the “PLC time”.

Professional Learning Communities are a well documented means of moving schools forward.  Ms. Easton warns us, however, that “The “learning” part of professional learning communities (PLCs) has all but faded as PLCs are required to respond to school, district, state, and federal initiatives”. This puts PLCs at risk of becoming just another initiative that will pass in time and increase cynicism within the faculty. By placing the “L”earning back into into PLC, Ms. Easton assures us that PLCs will remain relevant and vital.

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